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Lion Crane Global is a trading service linking buyers and sellers in Asia and buyers and sellers in other parts of the world.

Product Sourcing

Japanese Quality Control: You will be aware of the stringent standards applied to goods sold in the Japanese market or from Japan to the rest of the world. Made in Japan is now a statement of quality and confidence. Regretfully, Made in China has suffered from the opposite reputation and this worries many buyers when wanting to take the first steps into the Chinese market.

Our sister Company, Shanghai Heshi Trading Company Ltd, a wholly owned foreign enterprise, applies Japanese levels of quality checking and standards. In this way you can be certain that the goods you order are as you requested and will be safely delivered to you

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  • Ask us about a product
  • We supply a quotation
  • You agree in principle
  • We supply samples
  • You agree the order and pay the deposit
  • We visit the factory and monitor the process
  • Quality of finished goods checked before sending

Example products

  • Printed Materials, Boxes, Overprinting
  • Apparel, Dresses, Childrens' clothes
  • Key rings, Promotional Goods
  • Plastic Goods
  • Jewellery
  • Any other product sourced from Asia

Translation Services

We provide translation services to both Japanese and Non Japanese clients for advertising boards, product presentations, manuals and others. Services include translations to and from English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and other European Languages. Contact us for a quotation